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today as part of his west coast swing to tap into what is being called the california atm for political fundraising. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge is outside the bill graham civic auditorium where the president will appear at two events today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the presidents will be taking part in a dinner and concert fundraiser that will happen here at the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco. that will be tonight. all to raise more campaign cash. r & b singer john legend will be on hand to perform. and earlier this afternoon once the president arrives here he also has an event at the intercontinental hotel where alex smith is expected to attend. mr. obama spent yesterday down in l.a. doing fundraising as well. he spoke at a star studded event that included a performance by stevey wonder. his two day event could push the president over the $1 billion mark in fundraising. in september he hauled in a record setting $181 million. now despite his lackluster debate performance, the president last night struck a confident tone at the event. >> but here
. and then two days later, the california symphony will day tribute to a concert in walnut creek. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco later today to raise money for his re- election campaign. the president will begin the day in the central valley to dead -- for a -- for a deadcation. a dinner hosted by alice waters and then a concert with john legend follows. republican presidential momny, mitt romney is expected to deliver a foreign policy speech today at the virginia institute. coming up at 7:15, the changes that he says he would make and the results of the latest gallup pole in gal -- gallup poll. allie rasmus is live -- >>> alley rasmus live at a pumpkin weighoff. off to our left, you can the stage where the pumpkins will be hoisted via forklift. >> reporter: the growers are competing for thousands of dollars in prizes. last year's pumpkin weighed 17,000 pounds. the grower took home an $11,000 prize. we talked to some of the contestants and they said there's a lot of work that goes into this, including transporting them. growers pack the pumpkins into their pickup trucks and t
wheeling its way through streets of los angeles to its final home at the california science center. these pictures have been captivating all of us, including our john zarrella, who is somewhere along the route there. john, good morning. this is quite a task, right? they had some pretty tight clearance in some areas getting this thing around. >> oh yeah, they're not done with those tight clearances yet either, randi. we're about halfway between where it started at l.a.x. and the california science center. so endeavor sitting here behind us now outside the old forum where the los angeles lakers used to play. they're a little bit ahead of schedule and i want to bring in stephanie stillson, who works for nasa and has been responsible for preparing all of the shuttle orbiters for their retirement. stephanie, an amazing sight, but you have to be a little bit concerned when you know the narrow clearances that randi was just talking about. >> absolutely. but the self-propelled motorized transports that they're using can move precisely. so it should be able to crab around the trees and thin
of foreclosures is down in california. in fact, at a new five-year low. dataquick looks at the number of default notices which are the first step in a foreclosure process. there were slightly more than 49,000 default notices filed from july to september, down nearly a third compared to the same time period last year. several counties in the bay area were also least likely have homeowners go into default. >>> oakland bay's blue bottle coffee is cashing in on its reputation. they have eleven retail locations, one in eakd and four in new york city. >>> target announced today it plans to build another store in san francisco, just one week after opening its first store in the city. city target opened october 10. you're looking at video now of the opening. the second target store is scheduled to open october of next year. that location will include a starbucks and pharmacy. they plan to hire about 250 people. >>> today is the 23rd anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. it hit the bay area at 5:04 p.m. in 1989, killing 63 people. today the red cross and the department of emergency management held a
southern california arrested in seattle, washington. they were driving that dead woman's car. >> and is a big break. >> why they are called the modern day bonnie and clyde of los angeles county. >> we are digging up dirt on the suspect that she was speaking of. a man and a woman were rested in washington today. they are connected to a stolen vehicle and hercules. where take a look these pictures. it was a violent confrontation between police and these people discovered inside of this missing subaru. wanted for the missing car/homicide and hercules. the two were asleep but then the couple will cup, she started driving in had also started striking police cars. they did not get away. there in custody. they are now identified as washington. and why these will had homicide in victim's her car and what, if any role they played in her death. >> if the vehicle was stolen. recovering the vehicle is a key to the case. we are not saying that these people are suspect that this case but they are possibly people of interest. they could point us to people of interest. >> she was a retired t
in california earlier than usual to bring down prices. winter blend gas isn't typically sold until october 31st. he hopes by selling it now it would increase supplies by bringing down prices. the high prices are changing driving habits. >> i try not to drive unless i really have to. >> i'm grateful and i only use the bike when necessary. >> reporter: the dramatic surge in prices came after a southern california refinery went down a week ago. it came back online friday. analysts say they expect prices to stabilize in the coming days. now this might make you feel a little better this morning. a gas station in long beach has the priciest gas at $6.66 a gallon. it could be worse. >>> it may be a sign of the times, roseville police are investigating the theft of nearly 1,000 gallons of gas from a shell station. stations manager says security cameras caught the thief stealing gas on three different occasions. police say a man in a pickup truck somehow disabled the meter and pumped gas into a tank in the bed of his truck. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco to raise even more money for h
the fart nest. >> i was born and raised in san francisco, california and now i work in afghanistan. >> reporter: is pria butler who works in afghanistan. >> reporter: then kandahar to tutu buy with a maul -- dubai with a small helicopter thrown in. >> reporter: she calls herself a fanatical giants fan. do you think? >> the weekend is going to cost me around $4,000. >> is it worth it? >> absolutely. 100%. sweep, twice that. >> reporter: all right, ann you gave me trouble at the earlier newscasts for talking sweep. she's sighing sweep. -- saying sweep. the giants fans here are saying sweep. i'm not saying anything but vern said only two teams in the history of baseball have ever won one game after being down 0- 3. so i'm not going to say it to get on your bad side but man it's looking good for the joints. >> thanks so much mike. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. >>> turning now to the other fall contest, your california ballot once again includes a request for more money and tonight there's a growing push to get californians to support a tax hike. governor jerry brown spent this week
. they now face charges here in southern california and in seattle. live, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a explosion and fire at a home sent one woman to the hospital today. this is cell phone video by neighbors. 40 firefighters attacked the fire. four people were at home at the time of the explosion. one woman was taken to the hospital with burns. the other three residents escaped. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the explosion. >>> embattled san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on the job tonight after a fight against ethic charges. ktvu's david stevenson is live where his return could be tricky. >> reporter: mayor ed lee had harsh words today as the sheriff moved to transition back into his job. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi said he was ready to reconcile with the city departments. >> it is a new day. we want to move forward, mend fences. >> reporter: mayor ed lee suspended him. the votes of four supervisors enabled ross mirkarimi to regain the job. >> i believe that they sought out an excuse for an inexcusable act that was confirmed by the criminal c
other stories making news "early today" in america. we are going to begin in california with a parents' nightmare at a youth football game. a violent scuffle broke out between opposing coaches after the game ended. it's still unclear what started the melee, but it did stop before any of the children or adults were injured. >>> two florida construction workers were killed in a parking garage collapse. one witness said the five-story lot was under construction when it just fell like a house of cards. rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble 13 hours after the collapse. crews will continue searching for the lone, unaccounted for worker this morning. >>> and finally, there goes the bride in new jersey. look at that woman right there. she swiped a $5,000 wedding dress right in broad daylight. she apparently had a small group of friends and a small child to distract the shop owners while she escaped. police are still looking for the woman. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, meteorologist bill karins has the weather for you. >> you know what's amazing, the big, huge
when he broke out of a southern california jail. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> to the baseball playoffs. the san francisco giants effaced another must-win game and they came through big time. they just wrapped up a huge win in cincinnati. this is one of their big hits in the game. pablo sandoval. we have team coverage tonight. first to ktvu's ken pritchett at the call ceium where -- colosseum where the a's are also facing a must-win game. >> reporter: despite being down two games, the a's fans thought their team would go to a game 5. we will know if that happens in a matter of hours. >> reporter: during batting practice there is a different vibe, it is relaxed. >> i have been to a lot of games before and i have never been to one that sold out like that. it was awesome. >> reporter: we talked to her before yesterday's game, she predicted a win. and we heard that again tonight. >> never say never. >> i think they are real good. a.j. griffin pitching. >> reporter: the a's are winners at home. the fans take credit for that. >> here you got your 10th man in base
but snapped. >> happening throughout northern california a three-day fund-raiser for the family of kenonyoung storm. he was shot and killed last month. now, through wednesday night, 20% of the sales at california pizza kitchen will go a benefit fund for his wife and four school-aged children. >> yahoo imported renewed earnings today. >> the ceo hired away from google gave her vision for the future of yahoo. >> that is right. david louie has the latest happening now. >> happening now, ceo marisa myer had an earnings call. big news had to do with her articulating future plans for the company. she says she wants to improve yahoo's services but wants to push harder into mobile that is where users and advertisers want to be. she sounds as though she's hiring. this includes engineers. >> and it's a very competitive market. >> it's going to have to be a strong vision to compel them. >> yahoo says it will develop content and partnerships. myer is a new mom, she's got two babe dwreez take care of, hoping both grow up successful. >> still ahead today's sentencing of a teenager who ran down and killed a
are hours from apple's big reveal. pad mini. the unveiling expected to happen right here at the california theater. apple fans have been waiting for months, speculating for months what the gadget will look like. the new tablet expected to look like the hot selling ipad, but smaller a screen that is about 7 inches. possibly with high resolution. the back cover rumored to be similar to the iphone 5, coated alum pneumo, sleek, expected to -- aluminum, sleek, expected to connect with wifi. how much will it cost? apple not saying yet. speculation is anywhere from $250 to $330. if that's true, that will likely give competing products like amazon's kindle, a run for its money. big reveal scheduled here in downtown san jose at 10 a.m.. all the buzz is giving my poor little iphone 4s quite a complex. live in downtown san jose, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >>> price the big factor. david louie will be live tweeting the event. follow him on twitter. >>> traffic and weather together, next on the abc7 morning news. live look outside, you can see san francisco, the happiness there, big orange happiness o
are petitioning to remove the president of the california public utilities commission. so far, they have collected more than 200 signatures. they are upset by the cpuc's decision to suspend public hearings to determine how much pg&e will be fined for that blast that killed 8 and injured dozens. >>> up next, it goes from bad to worse for lance armstrong. the latest fallout from his doping case. >> the polls tighten in advance of the final presidential debate. i'm randall pinkston in boca raton, florida with the preview coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, players including google and microsoft drove down the markets. right now, the dows >>> stocks were mixed this morning after friday's big sell- off. weak earnings reports from big players including google and microsoft drove the markets down. it's still down, down 78 and some change on this monday. >>> price at the gas pump, though, is at its lowest level since early august. the national average for a gallon of regular fell almost 5 cents over the weekend alone to $3.67 a gallon. but here in california, it's higher, $4.43. >>> lance armstrong will be off
coast. and in california, a meteor shower seen by millions. >>> and a long wait. two brothers hang on to a multimillion-dollar scratcher for six years. talk about patience. >>> good morning. i'm john muller, in for rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. we begin with the presidential race. as we mentioned, both candidates are speaking at a bipartisan political dinner here in new york. >> but tuesday night's debate is still very much on a lot of people's minds. one of them, apparently, is mitt romney's oldest son, tagg. he told a north carolina radio station, quote, he wanted to take a swing at president obama. >>> 19 days to go. and as abc's tahman bradley reports, the candidates are crafting their messages for women voters. >> reporter: with less than three weeks left until election day, the presidential contenders have intensified their efforts to court undecided women voters. >> my mom was a single mom. >> a single mom who doesn't know whether they'll be able to put food on the table at the end of the week. >> reporter: polls show president obama maintains his advantage among women vot
the state of california. that is on organic would. if i am -- if only the cave men had known they were encountering division danger in their lives. this is the subject of my take in the next hour. a warning label on organic would. iran and libya will be major topics of the final presidential debate. senator john barrasso after the opening bell. did the president's miss lead with this statement? >> took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> let me -- [talking over each other] >> act of terror. look, if you have copd like me, you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-ting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worse
discovered that the couple had been on a crime spree that started in southern california on august 28th. that's when darnell washington escaped from san bernardino county jail with his wife's help. five days later on september 2nd, darnell is suspected of shooting and wounding with a shotgun an l.a. county sheriff's deputy who approached him in the city of south el monte in the san gabriel valley. now the couple is suspected also in a number of other crimes, including carjacking and robbery between southern california and northern california. on october 5th, susie ko was killed in her hercules home. >> it's a very big break. and we've said right along that finding the car would be one of the key pieces of evidence that we need to help us try to solve this case. and particularly since king county was able to find suspects in the vehicle, that gives us even more of a lead than if we had found it parked on a street somewhere. >> reporter: now again, hercules police are not calling the husband and wife suspects in the homicide of susie ko, but they will question them as soon as they are able. we
to prove people. >> now, california public utilities commission is under fire once again for consumer advocates and san bruno city officials. >> the group upset with the state p.u.c. for naming george mitchell as a mediator. this is just to determine the fine pg&e must pay for the deadly explosion two years ago. the group accuses the commission of only consulting with pg&e on the mediator concerned the law firm represented other utilitis.. >> pg&e on this decision and we were kept in the dark. needless to say we have little confidence that will be a fair mediation process. >> the state p.u.c. was recently criticized for suspending a public hearing on the penalty phase to allow closed door negotiations. >> on san francisco water front it took hours of work. crews have pulled out that broken $10 million yacht and gotten it out of the water it was pulled out just a short time ago. it flipped over yesterday afternoon. >> divers moved around the ac 72. team ussa's massive catta marchan. >> i'd call it destroyed. i mean... it's in several pieces and a lot of it is gone. >> the technician is
. notice the ridge. allowing the storm track to move farther south and into california by wednesday afternoon. we have rain in the forecast keeping in mind we have trick or treaters on wednesday. scattered showers in the forecast through thursday. a look at the afternoon highs, 80 for santa rose a79nevado. how about the east bay? 74 oakland. 73 san leandro. upper 07's danville. 79 livermore. in to the south bay a good- looking day. san jose 76. mid-70s for sunnyvale. 76 redwood city. 71 san francisco. 60s at the coast. 70s at santa cruz. going to be a beach day for the afternoon. there is your extended forecast. mild to warm today. eye little bit warmer tomorrow. on monday we are still looking good. partly cloudy and then the bigger pattern change will come tuesday. going to be out and about this afternoon i have your lunchtime numbers coming up. >> nice here but residents along the east coast are preparing for the strong gusty winds. those power outages and the flooding sandy could bring. how much damage sandy could cause. >> and guns for votes in what a store owner said he did t
was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. >>> sheriff's deputies in southern california are going door to door telling residents to evacuate their homes, a wildfire started about 8:00 this morning in the painted cave area. about 100 homes are threatened. gusty winds are ma'am perking firefighting efforts and six air tankers are being used to help control the blaze. there's no word of any injuries or damage yet or no word on the cause of the fire. here in the bay area in san jose this morning, smoke killed -- filmed the skies that broke out in the brush after a fire broke out in some brush near a homeless camp. it started just before 8:30 near sky yoty creek in the air grau of -- in the area of wool creek drive. firefighters got the fire under control. no word on what caused the fire. >>> and news chopper 2 got these pictures of another smoky fire
. >>> there was widespread hysteria across northern california. did you see it? there were scores of people that witnessed a fireball streaking across the sky. the sightings caused phone lines at national weather service to light up. now, officials there believe the bright streaks of light were part of a meteor shower, which is becoming a normal occurrence in the area. pretty cool looking. >>> all right, now to the rockies where colorado skiers kicked off ski season at arapahoe basin. the resort is traditionally one of the first in the nation to open their slopes. colorado resorts are hoping to rebound from last season's drab winter. >>> and finally, artistic undergarments are now being used to fight against breast cancer. that's because an elaborate array of unique bras are scheduled to hit the auction block in new york. these unique designs will be sold next month, all to raise money for breast cancer awareness. getting creative. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins, who is not getting creative about the weather out there. that will tell its
today in america. in california, disturbing video coming in to us showing a man set on fire with a molotov cocktail. you can see him running across the parking lot. the victim was standing outside a market when a fireball was thrown. police released the video in hopes of finding the attack. >>> next to denver where a life was saved on camera. a baby millayian taper needed mouth-to-snout rescue breaths. a view staff member performed the procedure after the calf was nonresponsive following its birth. officials say the newborn is doing just fine now. >>> self hundred women in texas showed their high heeled shoes are made for more than just walking. they competed for the annual tell let toe stampede. there are even a couple of guys in there who strapped on pumps to show support. the event was organized to raise money for breast cancer awareness. >>> west virginia's 33rd bridge day brute out an extreme cast of characters. over 400 base jumpers participated. two of them newly weds. >>> now here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather forecast. i can't even jump off the h
levinson, cbs news. >>> here in the bay area the california democratic party kicked off a statewide day of action with a phone bank effort. they're calling voters urging them to vote yes on proposition 30 and no on proposition 32. proposition 30 is governor brown's tax plan. if it different pass it will trigger automatic budget cuts that supporters of prop 30 say will hurt education. proposition 32 is seen by appoints as an antiby opponented -- by opponents as an anti-gaming proposal. >>> how dedicates are giant -- dedicated are giants' fans? cbs 5 reporter mike sugarman joined them on the journey. mike? >> reporter: well, i can tell you they're cold. it is mid 40s here. not used to that kind of weather in san francisco. but as you say, they have come from the bay area. from california, but this is the world series. and we've got giants' fans from well, all over the world. in a sea of blue and orange, a stripe of a different color. orange and black. >> where am i? i feel like i'm on second and king. >> reporter: nope, woodward and adams, detroit, michigan. >> you came from south carolin
or the victim. >> the california real estate market is looking healthier this quarter with the number of foreclosures way down. data quick reports the number of homes entering foreclosure haven't been this low since 2007. the number of loan modifications and short sales are up and prices in many areas are rising. more encouraging news, the number of homes lost to foreclosure is down 41% compared to a year ago. tonight team usa is dealing with the major setback in the america's cup. we saw the $8 million accident on live tv during our 5:00 newscast. the oracle boat flipping and the crew members thrown into the water. the boat is back on shore but it needs major tlc. monty francis joins us from pier 80 in san francisco. monty, oracle has deep pockets. can they salvage this boat? >> reporter: some of the boat can be salvaged burt the mast has to be replaced. what is left of the boat is now here at a warehouse at pier 80 and all day long crews are bringing back pieces of the boat. we have new video of the dramatic moments on the bay. team usa encountered a shift in the wind and a strong c
$3.75, in california $4.47. in san francisco, $4.51 on average. analysts say demand is dropping and supply increasing. that is why the prices are coming down. >>> 6:10 u.s. about families come together, the change they are getting ready to demand today following that deadly explosion in 2010. >>> new poll released this morning showing how tight the presidential race is. >>> welcome back. scattered showers through wednesday. while tell you how much rain to expect and how much snow in the sierra and full forecast coming up in four minutes. >>> winter weather is hitting washington state this morning. crews responded last night to clear roads in snoqualmie pass up to five inches of snow already on the ground. sleet is also a problem. despite plows hitting the road drivers are being warned that conditions remain dangerous this morning. >>> sonoma county whom side detectives are hoping someone -- homicide detectives are hoping someone will call in with clues. a woman's body was found yesterday morning. >> the victim is believed to be in her 30s. deputies say death is suspicious. >>> b
angeles moving on surface streets to the california science center. chars clifford has the details. >> the space shuttle has a 70 ft. so wingspan and weighs 170,000 lbs.. it is been moving very slowly with a special transport the voice. take a look at this video. with someone so large with a special- transporting device they have been deactivating power lines. let us take a look at google earth. this shuttle has been at the last couple weeks at lax. if left friday morning at 2:00 a.m. only moving at 2 mph, it went east. and turning right onto a manchester. and endeavour stopped near the 405 freeway. they will transport it to a different transport vehicles we could cross over the 405 overpass. this will take several hours. it will resume its journey around 10:00 p.m. from there, it will go east in front of city hall at 8:00 a.m. saturday. and it will stop of great western forum for a public rally at 9:00 a.m. and then it will continue east:left onto crenshaw boulevard. and then in cocoa onto crenshaw/martin luther king boulevard for a second public raleigh at 2:00 p.m. after that th
seen quite a bit of rain fall on/off and some severe weather in northern california. this funnel cloud was spotted and sacramento. and also it looks like it is touching down. it looks like an actual tornado. people are snapping photographs of this as it moves north. it was touching down and letting up and touching down. right now, the rotation is still evident on the radar. as we take a look at the satellite and radar. you can see it in the north near auburn. a lightning strikes and still rotation with a 20 awarding still in effect for this area. with a-tornado warning still in effect for that area. even rainfall beginning in the north bay but there are dry conditions south of the golden gate. rainfall heavy near hillsborough. and santa rosa, and also out near the north bay coast. the rainfall totals so far in the last 24 hours have favored santa rosa with over one-inch. and in the last 24 hours, san francisco has seen one-third. one half of rainfall in oakland and concord, also one-third of rainfall. as we take a look at the satellite and writer we do see that rainfall for northern ca
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where another sexual assault occurred earlier this year. >> a man in california is set on fire. details ahead as we cover the nation. >> a crisis for the bbc. details on a sex scandal centered on the host of a popular children's show. >> there was a weekend crash and a car went through this side of the building. the woman was swerving to avoid another car when the accident took place. we are told she was not seriously hurt. the center was closed today for inspection but we have learned it will reopen tomorrow. >> police in southern california are looking for the person of in a brazen firebombing attack. the incident happened friday night outside a busy market in long beach, california. police a man threw a molotov cocktail at another man in a seemingly unprovoked attack. both the man and his victim erupted into a fireball, barely missing a mother and child. police say it did not appear that the victim and the suspect knew each other. the case is likely not gang- related. a man was hurt after falling more than 20 feet when leaving the giants game on sunday. he fell about 21 feet over the
in the california skies. all thanks to haley's comet. stargazers and plain folks, walking or driving around, were amazed as the streaking fireballs and the loud booms that were observed over the skies of northern california. >> look over and saw, like, an object in reddish/orange in color. it was crescent shaped. as it went away, it was getting larger. >> this thing was going sideways across the sky. >> reporter: astronomers say the earth is passing through a stream of debris from haley's comet. >> you saw a small car-sized piece of rock and metal from the asteroid belt, crash into layers of the earth's atmosphere, ionizing. >> reporter: the national weather service says warm temperatures and cloudless skies are helping to make the bright lights more visible. the meteor shower will be visible through sunday. when there could be as many as 15 per hour. it is also extraordinarily cool. >>> we're going to turn, now, to new concerns about the security of the nation's banking system. u.s. officials say iranian hackers have struck again. this time, disrupting the websites of capital one bank and bb&t.
pipeline explosion victims plan to urge governor brown today to replace the president of the california public utilities commission. the blast killed eight, destroyed more than three dozen homes in september of 2010. some san bruno residents accused the president of making backroom deals with pg&e while the cpuc works to determine how much the utility will be fined. the families will present a petition with more than 200 signatures calling for the ouster later this morning. >>> police investigating bizarre shooting involve officers in vallejo on alameda between redwood and broadway yesterday morning. police arrived to find windows of a house smashed, as well as those on cars in the frontyard they encountered two naked men, one was shot to death after he placed a rifle into an officer's stomach. the two men were a couple who restored old mercedes. >> they were great, they were here for a little over two years, took care of the house. had no complaints. took care of the yard. paid rent on time, normal people. >> the men also set the house on fire. police believe the two were under the inf
because texas really recovered. our big focus in california. we teamed up with a great home building team, new home company, larry webb. we're investing with larry with phenomenal new projects in california we're excited about. david: all this would seem in a way to support the president's message that things are getting better, no? >> it is getting better but look how long we've been down and what a terrible low we have been on. this should have come back two to three years, david. it has taken us a long time to come back. a huge amount of pain in the system to bring us back. amazing how you start building again you see problems in the supply chain. in texas we don't have enough labor to build homes. in texas, we build warehouses. we don't have people to build warehouses in texas. we're building warehouses in california. california seems to be a better situation on labor. you will have a lot of interesting problems with the economy as it starts to come back because the supply chain has been really decimated over the past four or five years. david: it has. nice to have problem not enough
that unfolded and the trail of mayhem that stretches all the way back to southern california. >> reporter: the discovery of the blue subyou -- suburu with a shot gun inside, the first glimmer of hope. >> the initial reaction is relief. we've been working so hard to find some major clue. >> reporter: this morning, recovers near seattle arrested the couple who smashed the car in a police chase, darnell washington and his wife, tanya, sped off when officers approached them in the stolen car. they arrested the pair at gun point after they repeatedly rammed several police cars that boxed them in. >> this is a major break. >> reporter: they are considered persons of interest right now, not murder suspects. >> we know they were in this olympia home. there are people we want to talk to. they are not the suspects. >> reporter: the washingtons are wanted in a crime spree when the wife helped her husband escape from the san bernardino county jail on august the 8th. authorities suspect they car jacked other cars before this one. >> how is your family holding up? >> after this discovery, this news, m
say they want to see a new president of the california public utilities commission. the group holding a news conference today calling for michael peavey to be ousted by governor jerry brown claiming peavey is overly sympathetic to pg&e and has failed the residents of san bruno and put other californians at risk. eight people were killed and more than 50 hurt in the september 2010 explosion. >>> coming up, an international cycling scandal. lance armstrong stripped of his titles, ripped from the record books. we'll explain this morning's crucial decision. >>> plus, make it or break it monday, the presidential nominees working to win your vote in this third and final debate. we'll show you why tonight's showdown will look a little different from the last two. >>> and a little something now is brewing at starbucks. of course they're known for coif. but now they hope to be known for something else. we'll explain, take you to the opening of their brand-new store. >>> the youngest woman in charge of a fortune 500 company goes before reporters and analysts later today. we'll have a preview of
in california with a parents nightmare at a youth football game. a violent scuffle broke out between opposing coaches. it's unclear what started the may lay. it was stopped before any of the children or adults were injured. thankfully. >>> two florida construction workers were killed in a parking garage collapse. one witness said the five story lot was under construction whether it just fell luke a house of cards. rescuers pulled one survivor from the rubble 13 hours after the collapse. crews are going to continue searching for the lone unaccounted for worker this morning. >>> and there goes the bride in new jersey. this woman swiped a $5,000 wedding dress in broad daylight. she had a group of friends and a small child to distract the shop owners while she escaped. police are still looking for the woman. >>> and now for a look at your national weather, let's turn to bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast. >> a little chill in the air. people walking into work are like -- >> no complaints here. >> takes a little while for the body to adjust. temperatures are the coldest this morning
? that was colorful. >>> time, now, for some weather across the nation. thunderstorms in the california coast to vegas, phoenix and albuquerque. showers in southeast texas and the miami area. and a mix of rain and snow near the canadian border. that will be northern minnesota to michigan. a chilly and drier day in new england to the mid-atlantic regions. >> 60s in the northeast and midwest. 80s from dallas to miami. and 70s in the rockies. >>> and when we come back, cold comfort for millions of homeowners. a painful prediction on winter heating bills. >>> and be careful who you wish for. lance armstrong wanted to know who accused him of doping. now, he knows. >>> and the huge amount we're spending to get our pets in the halloween spirit. >ñ?x?xpcs6 >>> welcome back. the latest snapshot of the economy showed growth continued at a modest base. the fed's new book shows activity picking up over the late summer. the housing market provided a big boost, with existing home sales up in every region. and prices holding steady or increasing in many areas. >>> more than two years after the deepwater horizon dis
is actually a littler larger than a quarter. that is very, very impressive for california to see that kind of hail. nonetheless a sign of thunderstorms from that hail and we may see a few more thunderstorms pop up today. fairly quiet reports of light sprinkles and scattered showers and you can see some of that activity off the coast wrapping around that area of low pressure that's been slowly spinning to southern california. we may see more of that wrap around today and again that target will be in the south bay could see some thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. temperatures now mainly in the 40s. by the afternoon going to keep things cool only in the 60s and low 70s. there is a major warmup. we'll have that coming up. now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> let's talk oakland. the as playing tonight 6:37 first pitch so you could see extra traffic tie-ups for the evening commute so want to let you know that. but in the meantime, 880 not too bad even though we again have been talking to caltrans this morning. they still have that roadwork in lanes on northbound 880 between fruitvale
of a final 12-mile journey carefully making its way to its retirement home at a california science center. casey wian on the streets right now and john zarrella is there, as well, with gaggle of onlookers on the rooftop. john, where is this shuttle now? >> reporter: it's getting here slowly. don, people have been asking me all along the route. and you can see here, there are thousands of people who have gathered here. this is a shopping mall and right outside the shopping mall is an area where the shuttle was going to make a second stop for a ceremony. the first one was earlier this morning. but itasn't gotten here yet. it is already two hours behind schedule and the problem was they ran into some -- i'm going to bring in stephanie from nassau. and stephanie, ran into some issues here. you knew those things were out there. but, you know, a little more problematic than probably first thought. >> yes, they knew they were going to have to crab between the trees, very precise movement along the way. also crowd control, police force is having to back people up. that slowed things down. once ag
legislation where in the district would join california, nevada and florida in allowing testing of driverless cars. several council members have already been passengers in the google car. >> in may i actually rode in an autonomous vehicle through downtown d.c.. the experience was remarkable for its unremarkableness. >> reporter: sponsors of the legislation say it needs tweaking but the ing driverless experimental vehicles in d.c. will likely come to a committee vote within weeks. so the 64 zillion dollar question is when will consumers get to buy self-driving cars? well, volvo and daimler favor incremental introductions. safety feature by safety feature. google is going for the whole ball of wax but the company wouldn't offer a specific timeline for widespread consumer use. but it was clear from my interview with the head technical guy on the google project, they already think the cars on the road in california are safer than cars being driven by human drivers. laura? >> safer? i'm still -- oh. boy, i'm -- i'm surprised. >> they can peak decisions. they can make decisions in microseconds. >>
california lieutenant- governor will be laid to arrest this afternoon. dyamally died in los angeles. he was 86. he was the first african- american to serve in the california senate and as the state's lieutenant-governor. he spent more than 40 years in state and national election. governor brown will be among the state leaders top mourn him today ♪ >> hundreds turned out for a member service honoring chris stevens' life and work. coming up at 8:00, how family and friends remember his professional and personal accomplishes. >>> there was a 4.2 magnitude quake in maine. it was felt as far away as connecticut. >> i was eating and i felt the door shake in his frame. >> it was bouncing on the table. >> it's the strongest earthquake. 7:35 is the 23rd anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. that quake hit the bay area at 5:04 p.m. it happened on october 17th, 1989 and 63 people were killed. most of the victims died when the cypress freeway in oakland collapsed. a 50-foot section of the bay bridge also collapsed and dozens of homes were damaged. >>> now, tomorrow, 9 million people all over
. they are suspected in a string of carjackings from southern california to washington. police say they plan to bring their case to the da late next week. >> two berkeley law students facing charges for allegedly be heading an exotic bird. the two were arrested in las vegas. police say they were caught on surveillance camera chasing a bird in to the trees. witnesses say they then saw the men walk out carrying the body and cut off head of the bird. the bird is exotic and part of an exhibit. they are faces charges of conspiracy and torturing wildlife. >> we have new information about what may have caused a deadly plane crash in lake tahoe. a bad fuel mixture is being blamed. the findings are pleiomery. the pilot reported concerns right before leaving the airport in late august. moments later the plane crashed killing everybody on board. >> so many people have moved to the south bay that it now needs a new area code. starting next month those phone numbers will get a 669 code. if you have a 408 number it'll stay that way but if you live in that area you are going to have to change the way you dial n
's what's going on. we have an area of low pressure from central california to southern california. and it's hail from san jose yesterday, into big thunderstorms going into vegas and also oklahoma city here today. locally, about two inches of rain coming from that. on the east coast, we have some big, cold temperatures. chicago, charleston, washington, d.c., new york city, all in the 40s this morning. and it's a shot of cool air that gets reinforced tonight into saturday morning. so, saturday, be ready for that early chill. >>> coming up on "gma," the surprising twist in the shocking home invasion case. the college student shot after stumbling into a stranger's home. was she secretly drugged? >>> also, how two couples' wedding nights ended in chaos. that shocking brawl. stop by walmart this saturday. wireless. take a one-minute demo of our new lg optimus zip. for every demo we'll donate one dollar to make-a-wish. up to one million dollars. visit one-minute-one-million-dot-com to find a participating walmart near you. i didn't want to change toothpastes. i already had a product that made my
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